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How to Develop Winning Creative Assets


Are your marketing offers resonating with your target market?

Testing your creative offers before they launch helps you eliminate guesswork and save time and money. Whether you’re modifying your logo, launching a new ad campaign or product, or changing up your packaging design, running a concept test helps you understand how consumers will respond to your big idea before you go to market. 

In this guide, SurveyMonkey Audience will show you how surveys can quickly help you filter out bad ideas and identify winning concepts. 

Get this Concept Testing guide to see how big brands can use surveys to develop winning ads, logos, and packaging.

The guide includes:

  • Tips for getting key metrics
  • Best practices on writing concept testing surveys
  • Real-world examples of how big brands use surveys to make decisions

Topics covered in the guide include:

  • Benefits of concept testing
  • Key metric selection
  • Success criteria
  • Study methodology
  • Ad/copy/product/package/image testing

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Published:  Aug 25, 2015
Length:  21
Type:  White Paper
Tags : 
ads, logos, packaging, surveymonkey, survey, key metrics, concept testing, relevance, purchase intent, quality perception, best practices, big brands, emerging marketing, content management systems, interactive marketing, marketing software, web analytics, customer experience/engagement, marketing research

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